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Why I Joined Labour Party – PETER OBI

Presidential Aspirant, Peter Obi has joined Labour Party (LP) after resigning from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
Stating in his tweet, he thanked the youth for reuniting with him in his mission in becoming the president.

(Picture shows Peter Obi Receiving Labour Party’s emblem from the party’s chieftains in Abuja)
“I thank all Nigerians, especially our youths who have joined me in the mission of taking back and reuniting Nigeria”.
“This project is yours and for the future of your children. I am just a facilitator.”
“Since I resigned from the PDP because of issues that are at variance with my persona and principles, I have consulted widely with various parties and personalities to ensure we do not complicate the route to our desired destination.”
“For me, the process of achieving our goal is as fundamental as what one will do thereafter.”
“Therefore, I have chosen a route that I consider to be in line with our aspirations and my mantra of taking the country from consumption to production; and that is the Labour Party which is synonymous with the people, workers, development, production, securing and uniting Nigerians as one family”.
“I invite all Nigerians to join me in taking back our country.
He said, “Be assured that I’ll never let you down”

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