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HEARTWARMING: Former President Barack Obama reunits with the boy who touched his head in iconic photo – 13 YEARS after

Former President Barack Obama had a heartwarming reunion with Jacob Philadelphia — the boy who touched his head in the iconic 2009 ‘Hair Like Mine’ photo — to celebrate his high school graduation.
The 60-year-old reflected on his unforgettable meeting with Philadelphia and the resulting image captured by White House photographer Pete Souza in a video shared by the Obama Foundation.
The nearly-five-minute clip included footage of Obama’s recent conversation with Philadelphia on Zoom ahead of his graduation from the International School of Uganda on May 27.
‘It’s Barack Obama, man. Do you remember me?’ the former commander-in-chief asked the now-teenager.
‘I remember you telling me that your hair was going to be gray next time,’ Philadelphia said, prompting a laugh from Obama.
‘And I was not lying,’ he replied.
Philadelphia was five years old when he and his family visited the Oval Office with his father, then-National Security Council staffer Carlton Philadelphia.
During the meeting, he asked then-President Obama, ‘Is your hair like mine?’
The commander-in-chief kindly bent down and told the boy to touch his head, inspiring Souza to photograph the endearing moment.

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