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ELEGANCE Magazine Collaborates With The Nigerian Ports Authority

A leading pan-African publishing outfit, the Elegance Media, publishers of Elegance Magazine has announced a business cooperation with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), a Federal Government Agency that governs and operates the Ports in Nigeria.

In a release, the media house states, “After concluding a productive strategic business meeting with Mr. Mohammed Bello Koko, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority, the Publisher and CEO of Elegance Magazine UK and Africa, Chilel Sarr, is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between our prestigious publication and the esteemed authority.”

As part of this partnership, Elegance Magazine UK and Africa will feature an in-depth feature on the achievements and accomplishments of Mr. Koko, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision as the MD of the Nigerian Ports Authority. Through his innovative policies and strategic initiatives, Mr Koko has been instrumental in driving growth and progress in the maritime sector, and his work has earned him widespread recognition and accolades.

“As a leading voice in the world of business, Elegance Magazine UK and Africa is committed to showcasing outstanding individuals, organizations, and initiatives that are making a positive impact in various markets and industries. By highlighting the successes of Mr. Koko and the Nigerian Ports Authority, we hope to inspire and motivate others to strive for excellence and innovation, and contribute to the development and advancement of their communities and nations.”

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with the Nigerian Ports Authority, and look forward to the opportunity to shed light on the exceptional work that is being done in the maritime sector under the guidance of Mr. Mohammed Bello Koko. Stay tuned for our upcoming feature in Elegance Magazine UK and Africa, where we will delve into the fascinating story of one of Africa’s most dynamic and visionary leaders.”, the statement concludes.

Mr. Mohammed Bello Koko, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority, with the Publisher and CEO of Elegance Magazine UK and Africa, Chilel Sarr

Elegance is a pro-Africa international entertainment, political and developmental magazine published quarterly in London and sold in various African countries, including The Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea and Ghana as well as in Europe, US and Canada.

No doubt, Africa, as a continent has its challenges and shortcomings. But this is a beautiful, amazing continent characterized by rich cultures and traditions, hope, big smiles, warm hospitality and determination of the people to succeed. Elegance prides itself as a medium to showcase and celebrate the achievements and successes in Africa and of Africans. This is to correct the misconception about Africa continent which is always portrayed in the negative light especially in the western media. Therefore, Elegance’s mission is to counter this negative publicity by highlighting the numerous success stories of Africans in their expertise and careers.

Splendidly launched in Birmingham and London in November 2010 and in The Gambia in May 2011, Elegance Magazine has successfully established its own unique identity across Africa and Africans in the diaspora.

Outside the Gambia, Elegance continues to make its mark in such countries as Nigeria and Senegal. From its exclusive interviews with some of the most influential statesmen in Nigeria to the one with Senegal’s First Lady, Elegance celebrate success stories of the people of these two amazing countries regularly.

Elegance Magazine has been growing by leaps and bounds with over 10,000 copies printed and distributed to reach its targeted readership and communities both within and outside The Gambia. Today, the magazine can also be found in Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Europe and USA.



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