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‘We are out to stem the deteriorating fortunes of Yoruba lands and people’ – Declares Igbimo Omo Yoruba, a new socio-cultural group


An indigenous socio-cultural organisation, the Igbimo Omo Yoruba (IOY) Foundation, has made its intention known to curtail the frightening level of  increasing poverty, ignorance and disorder amongst the people especially at the grassroots and the very steady descent into the bleakness of an uncertain future for the coming generations.

The foundation expressed this concern during the launch of IOY in Lagos on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Speaking at the launch, convener of the group, Adedamola Adetayo said the IOY, which was established to sanitise and rebrand the Yoruba race, stands as a bridge between the old and the younger generation.

He called on the Yoruba people to wake up to the current reality, noting that no messiah will rescue the race from the challenges confronting it unless they take the bull by the horns.

He added, “The ÌGBÌMO OMO YORÙBA became very necessary at this point in our history as a people after a critical review of the events of over a century in our country – Nigeria, examining the progress of our people, where we were, where we are, where we ought to be, and where we are headed. We realised there is an urgent need to redirect the course of our ship and chart a new course under a renewed thinking and dedication to the Yoruba course. We are now in a new dawn.”

We have also observed with well-founded sadness that suddenly, in Yorubaland and amongst the majority of our people, the children of butchers now eat bones, those of the cloth weavers wear rags, and the farmers’ children go to bed on empty stomachs.

We have watched keenly as our customs and culture were aggressively corrupted, our shared values were carelessly thrown out the windows of ignorance, all our rallying points, including the exalted thrones of our Obas, were ridiculed, and the sacred memories of our proud ancestors were openly mocked even by our children.”

Mr. Adetayo also indicates that  a review of the stock and general wellbeing of the Yoruba people have necessitated a need for rethink in approach to matters of common interest and collective good of Yoruba race as a people.

“Throughout history, our landmark achievements have been well-documented by historians, voyagers, and writers as a very vibrant people with so much sophistication, governance and organisation not seen in anywhere on the continent. We are first among our equals. From our dwellings and evolution in the lands of our ancestors, the existence of our people in their empire and kingdoms with all the features of a civilized society comparable to anywhere in the world with kings, chiefs, royals, and military. Our enterprises in agriculture and businesses with farms, metal works, arts and craft, cotton weaving and dress making, market, forests, swamps, rivers, seas, and the ocean. Ours is a complete global economy.”

He said, “The IOY is established to promote Yoruba cultural practices and customs and launch an attitudinal change campaign against negative stereotypes and disinformation about our culture and our people.

“It is to work assiduously to bridge the gap in knowledge transfer between our departing elders of the old generation and the upcoming youths of the new generation.

“If there are many Yoruba socio-cultural groups and there is still rot in society, then they are not doing what they ought to do.

“The level of moral degeneration and other vices is high among the people of the Yoruba race. We need a redirection of mindsets. What we must do is that every man must decide to be sensible.

“If the IOY is cleaning the land and other Yoruba socio-cultural groups are also doing the same, then the land will become clean.

“By doing this, we will eventually wake everybody up. Our main priority is to wake up everybody’s consciousness. We are doing many things abnormally, and these are the things that are punishing us as a people.”

Earlier, in his opening remarks, BoT chairman Chief Rotimi Olowoyo, who was represented by Prince Ololade Onanuga who is also a member of the foundation BOT, said the Yoruba people have not been faring well within the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He said the establishment of the foundation became imperative in order to “create awareness in the minds of our people concerning the very obvious cultural erosions in our society, revive our cultural heritage and also chart a new course of progress for our collective good.”

The event was attended by the foundation’s members from across the federation and from the diaspora.

Group picture of some members of Igbimo Omo Yoruba Foundation preent at the conference
L-R; Mr. Olufemi Adedeji, member BOT, Mr. Adedamola Adetayo, member BOT, Mrs. Bisi Oderinde, member BOT and Prince Ololade Onanuga, member BOT at the press conference
Some members of the IOY BoT, Planning Committee, with the Special Guest of the ocassion, High Chief Odusanya Olawale Musibau, the Olisa of Ojota Kingdom
A cross section of guests at the IOY press conference



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