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Trust Essential to Boost Uptake of Financial Services – Chidimma Onyeokoro, Halo CEO

Fintech startup, Halo Financial has highlighted that trust is critical for driving uptake of financial services.
According to the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Halo Financial, Chidimma Onyeokoro, in order to attract new customers and onboard them into the financial ecosystem, financial service providers must first earn the trust of customers by delivering on promises made.
She said, “We know that trust is the bedrock of any financial relationship. Whether it is between individuals or between a customer and institution. When people entrust us with their hard earned money, we take that responsibility very seriously. The security of our customers’ funds, and data, is top priority for us.”

Commenting on how Halo is helping individuals and communities attain their wealth creation goals, Onyeokoro remarked that Halo is leveraging existing trust networks to reach more people with its products, tools and knowledge.
“For example, organized group of people such as market unions, association of friends, members of the same worshipping community who have come together to advance the economic good of its members and have an identified administrator are usually veritable platforms for us to make our services readily available and easily accessible to the group members due to the subsisting trust level amongst them which has been built overtime. Onyeokoro, added.
Furthermore, she stated that the fintech’s risk management and corporate governance compliance is rigorous and as such makes it highly dependable. “We are building a track record of quality and seamless services. We hold two licenses a micro finance bank license and an asset management license. This allows us to offer a full spectrum of financial services from basic banking to sophisticated investments. This means also that we are regulated by both SEC and CBN.

Thus, customers can be rest assured that their funds are in safe hands and their investment returns guaranteed,” she said.
Halo Financial, boasts of very dynamic and seasoned management team saddled with the responsibility of delivering on the fintech’s corporate and business objectives.

About Halo Financial Services Limited:
Halo Financial Services Limited, offers banking, investment and other financial services as a service to formal and informal communities to enable them offer personalized savings and investment products to their members. We deliver products tools and knowledge to communities so members can plan, save, invest and meet their financial goals.


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