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HORROR! Tourist plane crashes into mountains in south east France, killing all five onboard

A small plane has crashed into a mountain in south east France killing five people, local media has reported.
It is understood the plane crashed near the town of Isere on Saturday in the Isรจre region of south east France, reports have suggested.
French media outlet BFMTV reported that the crash happened shortly before 5pm this evening near the town of Adrets, citing a police source.
More than 100 emergency service personnel are reportedly on scene including 60 firefighters and 40 Gendarmes and a drone team has also responded to the incident.
Local media said the crash involved a small Jodel D140 type passenger plane which had taken off from the Versoud aerodrome near Grenoble and was taking part in its maiden voyage.
It is understood five bodies were recovered from the wreckage, believed to be the pilot and a family of four.
The field where the plane crashed is located in an inhabited hamlet 850m above sea level and is about 100m from the nearest building.
The cause of the crash is unknown at this stage and French prosecutors are understood to have opened an investigation, to be led by the air transport gendarmerie and the commander of the Isรจre gendarmerie group.
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