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End Of An Era: Reader’s Digest UK closes after 86 years of publication!

The much loved and widely read magazine, Reader’s Digest, has closed in the UK after 86 years in operation.

The news was shared by the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Eva Mackevic, on her LinkedIn page just recently.

“After 86 wonderful years, I am very sad to share that Reader’s Digest UK has come to an end,” Mackevic wrote.

Mackevic said the magazine, founded in 1922 by DeWitt Wallace and Lila Wallace in the US, was strained financially.

“Unfortunately, the company just couldn’t withstand the financial pressures of today’s unforgiving magazine publishing landscape and has ceased to trade,” she explained.

Reader’s Digest was founded in 1922 by DeWitt Wallace and Lila Wallace

She extended heartfelt thanks to colleagues, writers, PRs, and brands who had been part of the publication in the UK.

She also reassured writers who are owed back pay that the matter was being looked into.

“I’ve been assured that the insolvency practitioners are working to communicate with everyone about the next steps. I sincerely hope this process goes smoothly and swiftly for you.”

Reader’s Digest gained popularity in the 1920s soon after it was founded in New York.

By 1929, the magazine had 290,000 subscribers and had a gross income of USD 900,000 a year.

The first international edition was published in the UK in 1938.

By the 40th anniversary of Reader’s Digest, it had 40 international editions, in 13 languages and Braille, and at one point, it was the largest-circulating journal in China, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Peru, and other countries, with a total international circulation of 23 million.

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