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BREAKING: French President MACRON pelted with TOMATOES in the public

Emmanuel Macron is pelted with TOMATOES before being hurried away by security as scuffle breaks out among crowd during public walkabout just days after election victory.
The reelected president was meeting voters at a market in Cergy, northwest of Paris, when he was targeted.
The En Marche! leader was not directly hit but it sent his security team into a frenzy, shouting ‘Projetile!’ as they tried to shield the leader.
They opened an umbrella and Macron lifted his hands above his head as they tried to stop the rain of cherry tomatoes landing on him.
The president can be heard saying, ‘It’s not serious’, before he was ushered away by his bodyguards.
Another angle shows the protester launching himself from a table into the crowd, starting a scuffle, before he was detained.
It was the first time Macron took to the streets since Sunday’s vote and the visit was only announced by the Elysee Palace this morning.
He chose the region where he received fewer votes than left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mรฉlenchon in the first round in his bid to heal a divided France.
The 44-year-old told voters today: ‘I have come to say that I have heard the voices of each and everyone, and that I will continue to be committed to the neighbourhoods that are most in difficulty, of all the territories of our Republic that are most in difficulty, every day.’
Tensions are running high in France after another fierce election battle which saw Marine Le Pen gaining on the centrist pro-European leader but failing to seize power.
On Monday morning, hours after the result was announced, a knifeman shouted ‘we have to kill Macron’ as he stabbed a priest and a nun multiple times in an unprovoked attack.
Father Krzysztof Rudzinski, 59, was stabbed 20 times with a 7cm knife before Sister Marie-Claude, 72, was cut in the hand as she reportedly snatched the knife from the attacker.


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