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BREAKING: Chinese fighter jet crashes down on houses killing one and injuring two ‘in training accident’

One person has been killed and another two injured after a Chinese fighter jet crash landed on to houses shortly after taking off on a training mission on Thursday.
The jet, a Chengdu J-7 which is based on a 1960s Soviet design, plunged into a residential area of Xiangyang city close to a military airport.
The pilot, who was taking part in a training mission, managed to parachute to safety as his plane smashed into houses and burst into flames – killing one person.
Two more people were injured and taken to hospital alongside the pilot, who also sustained injuries. Chinese state media reports did not make their condition clear.
Video from the scene showed flames burning at a city intersection as stunned onlookers gathered.

Australia and Canada have recently raised concerns about reckless flying by Chinese fighter pilots.
In a statement on June 1, the Canadian military said Chinese planes tried to divert a Canadian long-range patrol aircraft from its path, and that the crew had to change direction quickly to avoid a collision.
Australia said a Chinese fighter jet on May 26 committed a dangerous act of aggression against an Australian air force plane conducting aerial surveillance in the South China Sea.
The Chinese J-16 accelerated and cut in front of the Australian plane, releasing chaff with small bits of aluminium designed to confuse radars that was sucked into the latter’s engine, Australian defence minister Richard Marles said.
China has defended the actions of its pilots and blamed foreign countries for conducting close surveillance of its territory to contain Chinese development.
Courtesy: Mail & Agency Reports

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