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BIZARRE: Murder trial is halted after monkey steals evidence in India

An Indian murder trial had to be halted on Wednesday under bizarre circumstances after a monkey stole several key pieces of evidence before the case reached court.

According to the TImes of India, the monkey was able to snatch an evidence packet that contained 15 pieces of evidence – including a knife, the alleged murder weapon.
During a pre-trial hearing, Jaipur police had to admit to the court that since the murder in 2016, a monkey snatched the evidence while it was being transported.
Their confession came in a written note to the court after they had been ordered to produce the evidence that was going to be used in the case.
What’s more, police said the constable who was responsible for protecting the evidence while it was being moved for safe keeping in the village of Malkhana was suspended, and later retired then passed away.
The case in question involves the killing of Shashikant Sharma, whose body was discovered near Chandwaji police station in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
His family had reported him missing three days before his body was found. After it was found, they protested by blocking a main road in the region.
Under pressure from the community, police arrested two men five days later – Rahul and Mohanlal Kandera – both from Chandwaji. They were charged with murder.
Key evidence in the case, including a knife that is believed to have been used by the suspects to murder Sharma, was collected and placed in an evidence packet, ready to be used in court when the case went to trial.
However, according to India’s NDTV, the evidence was temporarily being kept under a tree by the constable due to a lack of space in the audit facility in Malkhana.
It was then, the police said in their written response to the court, that the monkey snatched the 15 pieces of evidence and fled. It has not been recovered.
Police said the constable tasked with guarding the packet was suspended. As a result, he retired from the police force and has since died.
The public prosecutor has reportedly reacted angrily to the police’s incompetence, suggesting their excuse is unusual. The court also expressed its frustration.
A letter has been sent to the Jaipur Rural Police Superintendent asking him to clarify the events, and how a monkey was able to steal the evidence.

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