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BARE ALL: Thousands of cyclists strip off as they take to the streets for the World Naked Bike Ride Day

Thousands of cyclists took part in a communal bike ride completely naked in London yesterday afternoon for an annual event raising awareness for safer cycling.

The 18th World Naked Bike Ride has been going every year, bar 2020, since 2004, and is an annual event to campaign for bike safety and car culture in big cities like London.
There are a total of 200 cities taking part in the ride, including Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Vienna, Sao Paolo, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Paris, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.
They describe their campaign with a number of themes and objectives, including protest against the global dependency on oil, to curb ‘car culture’, obtain better rights for cyclists and demonstrate their vulnerability on city streets.
Wearing body paint and trainers – and little else – scores of activists bravely took to their saddles to take part in the London leg of the ride.
Many covered their naked bodies in glitter, painted slogans and fancy dress for the annual event.
Last year, the World Naked Bike Ride in London had an estimated 1,421 riders despite the Covid-19 risk reduction measures.
The earliest cyclists in the annual event began their ride at Victoria Park and Croydon meeting points at 11am on Saturday.
Others started in Clapham Junction, Deptford, Kew Bridge, Regent’s Park, Tower Hill and Wellington Arch yesterday afternoon.
But it was not just London that saw the nude cyclists as thousands across the world took part in the annual event.
In Mexico City, participants wore Day of the Dead masks for the celebrations.
The bike ride is not only an expression of freedom but also serves as a protest for safer and more inclusive cycling.
Plenty of bystanders lined the streets to watch the group cycle past – many with their smartphones and cameras at the ready.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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